When we started shopping for a rig I REALLY wanted a rv with washer dryer hookups and we had every intention of starting our trip right off with a new w/d installed. But then the rig we bought had this problem….


We had hookups in the garage, but there is this weird metal plate keeping us from putting the w/d against the wall and there is no where to vent the w/d. This left us confused and not sure what we were going to do so we did nothing.

Fast forward about 12 months. Brady and the kids took over the responsibility of laundry when we moved into the rig and 1x a week they packed up 6-8 baskets full of dirty clothes and headed to the laundromat for the day. On average we spent $100 a month, paying anywhere from $3.50 to $5 a load.

When we were in Pennsylvania, Brady and the boys took the laundry to the RV park laundry room and found a young gentleman washing his laundry. As he loaded his dirty clothes he started pouring in tomato juice, vinegar and baking soda along with his shoes, couch cushions and every fabric item he could remove from his RV. In response to Bradys questioning looks he was told that a skunk had gotten into his rig and sprayed everything. After hearing this Brady brought the dirty laundry home and said we should wait a couple days to use the machines.

This was as turning point for us. Over the next couple months we had several instances where clothes came home “clean” yet covered in pet hair or smelling of random chemicals. We started looking for a w/d option.

I started researching.

I knew we needed a combo unit as we did not have room for a stackable w/d. A RV washer dryer combo washes and dries in the same machine and runs on 110 v. The first big question was vented or ventless. Ventless would be easiest as we would not need a whole cut in the side of our rig, but ventless w/d combos take longer to dry, clothes come out feeling a little damp, and they have a “kinda, weird” smell. That was the decision maker for Brady because he is “kinda weird” about smells and laundry.

We ended up deciding on the Splendide 2100xc. It has the largest capacity we could find in vented w/d combos and had much better reviews then the ventless version. If we had decided to go ventless we would have gone with the LG. We have a friend who has this model and loves it, it has huge capacity for a combo unit and though the price is higher than the Splendide comparable, it has great reviews.

We bought our w/d from Camping World, had them install it using this kit for the vent and we  purchased the extended warranty. So where did we put it? As you saw in the picture above the place the manufacturer had planned was not going to work. We decide to have the hookups moved and put it next to our kitchen island, then it vents out though the boys bathroom.


We removed this cupboard to make space for the washer/dryer and mini fridge.


This corner cupboard was small and hard to keep organized.


But when we emptied it out there sure was a lot of stuff that needed to find a new home.


Having a husband who is handy is very helpful when you start making RV modifications.


We had the hookups moved from the garage side of the wall to the kitchen side, and the vent goes into the boys bathroom (the wall behind the w/d.)

Here is the washer/dryer and mini fridge installed.

Though the installation is complete this had lead to the need for another major modification. This summer we will be replacing the island counter tops and continuing it over the w/d and fridge and having cupboards built above the fridge.

Something kinda like this:



So what do we think of our Splendide2100XC? I LOVE IT and tell Brady at least 1x a week that it is the best investments we have made since we hit the road. I will right a full review and link it here in the next week or so.