Get ready for the life on the road – cost included

Life on the road; untethered and free to move around to your heart’s content. This is usually the sentiment that people have when thinking about leading an RV lifestyle. However, people don’t usually think about the costs associated with this.

Most people think that living in an RV is much cheaper than living in a house. The reality is though that people won’t really be living in RVs. Instead, their RVs will be in RV Parks. So the question still stands. Is it cheaper than living in a house?

Let’s examine how much it really costs to live in an RV park.

Costs of Living in an RV Park

In truth, there are many costs of living in an RV park. If people are thinking about taking to the road and living on wheels, the various factors must be taken into consideration. The first and most important cost is the fee for living in the parks.

RV Park Rates


RV Parks are the go-to place to stay when using an RV. While campsites are also viable, the RV parks are made for this reason. Thus, they are very reliable and have most of what you’ll need.

The thing about RV Park rates though is that they fluctuate often. They really depend on where the park is located, the duration of the stay, certain amenities, and more.

As such, the best thing that RV Family Life can offer is a price range that depends on how long you plan to stay.

  • If you are looking to stay for a night, the range for this can be from USD $20 to $100.
  • A week’s stay ranges can reach up to $700 with a minimum of $250.
  • The monthly range is $500 to $2000.
  • A stay of half a year can be from anywhere to $300 to $1800.
  • Finally, an annual stay costs anywhere from $3600 to 20,000.

If you notice, the range for half a year is more affordable than the monthly one. About $200 less in the right place!

That is because the longer you stay at a specific park, the lesser it costs overall. This is a general rule that you will encounter in a great number of RV parks.

At the same time, if you and your family are staying at one particular RV park, you’ll also save on fuel rates and time for setting up and dismantling your rig.

Seasonal and Yearly Rates

Most RV parks have seasonal rates that people can look out for. They can be used to shear off a few dollars from the used budget. When people say “seasonal rates”, this usually pertains to a stay lasting from three to six months.

The more months you stay in the RV park, the cheaper it will be. Oftentimes, RV parks also offer a yearly rate. This is when people really want to live in an area or have a job nearby as well.

If this is the case, find a park that offers a “resident rate” that corresponds to the yearly stay. This is a must-have if you plan on living in an area long term as it can save a lot of money.

Despite these types of rates being available, one thing that must be taken note of is that not all parks have these special rates. This is probably because some RV parks are in a trendy area or there are many RV owners in the area. Another reason could be tenancy laws in the state.

Insurance and Healthcare

Safety is key to anyone’s journeying. It is much the same with RVs. One way ensuring this is through insurance and healthcare.

The price range for insurance is $50 to $150 per month. For added protection and security, you may also want to add some roadside assistance. This can be added to your insurance plan.

If any accidents or injuries take place, healthcare is good to have as well. This can cost from $150 to $250 per month.


Another vital utility to have when living in an RV is the communication utilities. These pertain to internet and phone bills.

In today’s society, people often need internet and mobile phone usage. It is really just a great and important way to stay connected with the entire world. It is also a great entertainment tool.


One couple who recounts their expenses in an RV park pay at least $300 a month for two phones and their hotspot. This figure is mainly a baseline. It would roughly depend on your plans and your usage.

Other reports say that they spend anywhere from $70 to $200 for their internet needs.

One of the recommended things to do is get a plan with a major telecommunications company such as Verizon, T-Mobile, or AT&T. Their coverages are nationwide, but their data may be a bit restrictive.

Most RV parks have WiFi. However, if you are planning to use it for work, don’t expect it to be fast or dependable. Many reviews would prefer that you use your own data or hotspot.

Costs can escalate if you want to purchase additional equipment such as WiFi signal boosters and additional routers.

Maintenance Costs

Next up, we have maintenance costs. People think that just because they live in an RV park (whether long term or not) that maintenance costs are non-existent.

The thing you have to remember is that you are using your RV as your home. As days turn into weeks, months, and years, inevitably, something will happen to any RV or home.

While insurance is available, it is still a good practice to put money away for unforeseen maintenance costs. These include oil changes, tire replacement and repair, brakes cleaning or replacement, engine maintenance, and more.

These maintenance processes happen periodically for all vehicles. This ensures for a safe and worry-free ride.


These costs are not considered an extra living cost. However, it is best to be aware of them and plan ahead.

A good practice is to put away $50 to $150 dollars for this specific cost.



This is another inevitability. It’s food! Everybody needs to eat. It just depends on what people eat, how much a person eats, and how many people are being fed.

The range for food costs is ambiguous at best. Some people swear they can get through a month with $250. Some say $500. Others go as high as $1000.
This largely depends on many factors.

If you and your family are used to high quality ingredients and food, then $1,000 for a couple would probably be alright. For a family of four and above though? This may need some thinking and planning.

There will also be times that people get sick of cooking and head out to eat. This may be a separate budget as well. A budget of $250 a month would be sufficient.

Laundry and Cleaning

It is possible to use the various laundry facilities around a city or state. One person who lives in an RV park says that their monthly laundry fees go from $40 to $60.


If you are hesitant about visiting laundromats, there are other options. Hopefully, the RV park you choose has washing machines and dryers available in the park.

Summary of Costs

Let’s summarize all the costs included in living in an RV park. This will hopefully give you a broader idea of how the costs will stack up. For these summaries, we’ll add up both the minimum and maximum ranges of each factor.

INSURANCE $50 $150
HEALTHCARE $150 $250
FOOD $250 $1000
TOTAL $630 $1910

The table above only takes into account the daily park rate. Here are the rates for all the other day ranges for staying at an RV park. 

  • With a weekly stay – $860 and $2510 for minimum and maximum costs respectively.
  • With a monthly stay – $1110 and $2010.
  • With a stay of half a year – $910 and $3610.
  • With a yearly stay – $4210 and $20,610.

Bear in mind that these rates are only ranges and are not set in stone. These rates could change depending on the state you are in, your own spending habits, and needs. 

We hope that this has helped paint a clearer picture how much it costs to live in an RV park. Enjoy a hassle-free and affordable stay at your next RV park!