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Need help comparing and reviewing RV choices? We know….it is overwhelming. But don’t worry! We got you with our best RV manufacturers review!

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Buying an RV is a very important decision.

Don't make a costly mistake by rushing the buying decision.

An RV costs a lot of money. Since it is also your home on the road, you can expect that it will take time and care for you to maintain your abode. Selecting the right RV is crucial. In this way you can get the most bang for your buck.

More importantly, if you feel like you have purchased the right RV, it will greatly contribute to your life on the road.

Just as there are many different twists and turns while you are driving along the roads, so too are there multiple RV choices for you to consider. Much like cars, there are various RV manufacturers to choose from. Which one is the best? Which one should you buy from?

We’ll bring you up to speed and present you with the best rated RV manufacturers for your consideration. However, before that, it is always worthwhile to collect more information about purchasing RVs.

By the end, we hope you’ll have enough information to pick the right RV manufacturer for you

A Few Tips

A Few Tips

RV Manufacturers - a few tips

Before we get into the RV manufacturers, it may be worthwhile to go over a few things. This will serve as the foundation for making the appropriate choices.

How Do You Want To Live?

We reckon the most important question you need to ask yourself is how do you want to live with your RV? The answer to this question will largely guide your choice of RV manufacturer. It will also dictate the comfort of your lifestyle.

Will you be living in your RV full-time? When you head out on the road, you need to decide if you’ll be living off of everything in your RV or if you will be stopping at certain points for other necessities. 

Will you be requiring all the necessities and appliances? This relates to the first question. You may want to live wholly off of what you have in your RV. This means that you’ll want the works. You’d want a shower, kitchen, television set, laundry area, and whatever else you may think you need.

If consequently you decide that you’ll only be using the RV during certain times - like say on weekends only - then this may dictate which RV manufacturer to buy from.

You’ll also need to look at certain parts of your lifestyle. Do you have a family? A wife and kids perhaps? Or will you take to the open road by yourself? This may also largely contribute to what kind of RV you may purchase.

Different Classes and Costs

Depending on how you answered the questions above, it will give you a general idea of what you’ll need from your RV.

There are many different RV types. They include Class A, B, and C motorhomes, Travel Trailers, and Fifth Wheel Trailers. We’ll briefly run through each one and look at their general sizes, how many people can fit, and the general cost for each type.

RV Manufacturers - classes and costs

These would also help later on when we look at the various RV manufacturers.

Class A motorhomes are the biggest trailers. The size means that it can have most of the amenities that people would desire. These are mostly made on the chassis of trucks or commercial vehicles.

These types are usually 21 to 40 feet in size. Up to 6 people can sleep inside. It costs anywhere from USD $60,000 to half a million dollars.

Class B motorhomes are smaller than their Class A brethren. With the decrease in size, also means less space. Less amenities as well.

Their chassis is more on the van side. In the United States (US), they are mostly created on the chassis of Mercedes Benz,  Chevy Expresses, or Dodge Ram Promasters. Their roofs are usually raised.

These types are usually 16 to 22 feet in size. Up to 4 people can sleep inside. The cost is in the range of $30,000 to just shy of $150,000.

Class C motorhomes are smaller still. The chassis for these are usually that of minimal trucks. The Class C motorhomes have an overcab that acts as the sleeping space.

These types are usually 21 to 35 feet in size. Up to 8 people can sleep inside because of the overcab. This type can cost anywhere from $43,000 to upwards of $200,000.

All motorhomes - from A to C - are driven.

Then we have the trailers. As opposed to the motorhomes, these ones are attached to the back of pickups or trucks. They are not driven around.

Travel trailers are lightweight. They can easily be brought around by trucks, pickups, or SUVs. The space inside is usually good as sleeping spaces.

The size of these range from 21 feet to 35. The most affordable travel trailer goes for $8,000, but can go to just shy of $100,000. Depending on the type bought, the most expensive ones can host up to 10 people.

Finally are the fifth-wheel trailers. The distinction between this and the travel trailers is the in-box hitch called the fifth-wheel coupling. A part also goes right over the bed of the pickup truck.

The hitching and unhitching process requires a bit more effort. If people want to drop their trailers at certain places and just drive to other locations, it would require extra processes.

Fifth-wheel trailers are 21 to 40 feet in size. They could cost $18,000 to $160,000. Up to 6 people can sleep in it.

Reading about these specifications, you may be leaning towards a certain class. When you research about them, the manufacturers will show you various features and floor plans. While you may end up liking a few, the best tip we can give is to focus on the quality of material.

An RV is just like any other home. As such, you’ll need to spend to keep it running smoothly. Longevity of parts will help out a lot in saving on costs.

Final Tip – Keep an Eye Out For Warranties

Our last tip before we move on to the various manufacturers is to read the warranties. This is very important and must not be ignored.

Depending on the manufacturer, the contents of the warranty largely differ. You must keep an eye out for the maintenance required and what can be done to violate the warranty.

Some of these warranties will also have information on how certain RVs can be used. For instance, some warranties will point out that some RVs cannot be lived in full-time. Make sure the one you choose can serve your lifestyle choices.

Now – Let’s Dive in to the Best RV Manufacturers

Best RV Manufacturers

Now let’s take a look at the best RV Manufacturers out there.

If you want more information, we have a tip for you. There is a business that rates RVs. It is called the RV Consumer Group. They sell RV guides that you can check out.

RV Brands

Let’s go on to the many different RV manufacturers. For our guide, we’ll point out the best RV manufacturer for each RV type.

List of RV Manufacturers

Here is a list of the manufacturers we are analyzing:

Forest River Inc
Airstream RV
Fleetwood RV
Grand Design

The Best Rated Class A RV Manufacturer - Forest River Inc.

 First up, we have Forest River Inc

The Best Rated Class A RV Manufacturer - Forest River Inc.

Forest River

Top of the list for Class A motorhomes is Forest River Inc. It is not only the highest rated RV manufacturer in 2020, but also throughout the world.

This company makes more than just RVs, although they have been their claim to fame. They also create uses and pontoon boats.

Forest River Inc. offers something for everyone. Whether it be for those who want to start the RV life or seasoned veterans who know what they want.

Their community is also growing by the day. It has breached more than 100,00 members and keeps increasing.

Under Forest River Inc. is the company Coachmen RV. This company sells great Class A Motorhomes.

Forest River RV

Most of the floor plans of their motorhomes show various features. These include a 32” TV, a sofa with a storage area, a queen-sized bed, a shower, a fridge, and many more.

They also provide support for owners and have sold more than half a million units and counting.

Visit Forest River’s Website

The Best Rated Class B RV Manufacturer - Airstream RV

The Best Rated Class B RV Manufacturer - Airstream RV

 Next on the list is Airstream RV


For Class B motorhomes, we’ve chosen Airstream RV. The initial reputation for this manufacturer is the cost.

The answer is in the material used for the body of their RVs. It is made out of aluminum alloy, and is riveted over steel frames. It is riveted both inside and outside. This material is a bit more expensive than other materials being used. It also creates more labor to put it all together.

Airstream RV

The aluminum body contributes to how durable their RVs are. Apart from that, it is also very lightweight.

The cost means that it is catered towards middle and high class customers.

Visit Airsteam’s Website

The Best Rated Class C RV Manufacturer - Fleetwood RV

 Up next is Fleetwood RV

The Best Rated Class C RV Manufacturer - Fleetwood RV


Fleetwood RV is an RV manufacturing company that has been operating for more than 60 years.

Much like the band that shares the same name, the reputation among RV owners is that of “iconic”. The durability of these motorhomes is well-renowned.

They have a few great Class C types. One comes on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis, while the larger one is on a more traditional chassis type.

Fleetwood RV

Apart from the quality, purchasing from Fleetwood RV will come with a great warranty and an even better community and support team behind you.

Visit Grand Design’s Website

The Best Travel Trailer RV Manufacturer - Grand Design

 Next in the RV list is Grand Design

The Best Travel Trailer RV Manufacturer - Grand Design

Grand Design

For travel trailers, Grand Design is a manufacturer that has an ever loyal and growing following. It is one of the best rated brands in the whole industry.

Fellow owners will tell you that the quality of the RV and the customer service are pretty good. It also comes with a warranty that lasts for 3 years. It also boasts stylish and comfortable designs.

The Imagine is one of the best travel trailers from Grand Design. This specific travel trailer comes with more than 10 floor plans that you can choose from. All of them come with a king-sized bed.

Grand Design RVVisit Forest River’s Website

The Best Fifth-Wheel RV Manufacturer - Keystone

The Best Fifth-Wheel RV Manufacturer - Keystone

 Keystone is another player in the RV market.


Finally, we come to Keystone. They create the Montana Series which is one of, if not the, best fifth-wheel RV in the market.

Keystone is another brand that is quite popular within the industry. The Montana Series is the main flagship product of Keystone.

Keystone RV

It has more than 20 unique floor plans available. Up to 5 people can sleep within it. It is also made quite well as it is made with fiberglass.

The craftsmanship extends to the inside as well. The centerpiece of the interior is a four-door fridge. The oven is 22 inches big. A 48-inch TV is also available.

With a big mattress to boot, what else would a fifth-wheel trailer owner need?

Visit Keystone’s Website

Wishing You The Best On Your RV Decision

We hope today’s article on choosing the best RV helped you and you can enjoy a truly nice life on the road in your RV.

Keep us posted on your RV experience and contact us with your feedback.

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