Unlimited internet is the “Holy Grail” on the road and every one is always asking how you can find it. In October of 2014 we had the chance to pick up one of these incredibly rare contracts for free, but after several days of discussion we decided against it. Many of our on the road friends have asked how we could pass up such a golden opportunity. So I thought I would share our reasoning here.

We have 5 smartphones on a Verizon contract with 40 GB of data. In our daily life this means Brady and I can work as needed, the kids can each use 2 GB of data for social media, school and watching a few YouTube videos. At the end of the month we will typically have 3-10 GB left and before our data rolls over we use these extra GB to get caught up on HULU.

At the time of unlimited data offer, we were at a park that had incredibly fast unlimited internet. That was the fist time in over 6 months we had access to unlimited internet, and in the 3 weeks we were there, we had used over 200 GB of data on the Park wifi. 200 GB!!! Do you know what family life looks likes when you use 200 GB of data in 21 days? There is NO family life. Our noses where buried in our devices, we watched Hulu, Netflix and YouTube, checked Facebook and wasted hours on Pinterest, played hours of Minecraft online, and we downloaded movies from iTunes and Amazon. It was absurd! We were in a beautiful part of the country, surrounded by incredible National Parks, beaches and history, and we were sitting in our RV playing computer games and getting caught up on Grimm.

As we discussed the pros and cons of the unlimited Verizon contract, we realized that the unlimited internet version of our family looks way too much like the S&B version of ourselves. Everyone in their own spaces, on their own devices, no family game nights, afternoons walks, and very few family adventures or family discussions. After a year of limited data, we had learned that we liked our family a lot more when we are on a data diet. I guess you could say we are “data-aholics,” and don’t know how to limit our intake. So for us, the best option was to stick with our limited 40 GB and enjoy the rare opportunities when an RV park has fast, free wifi available for our streaming pleasure.