In the next 6 months we will travel 8,000 miles. In our first 6 months we drove just shy of 3,000 miles. This has me thinking about how often we will be in the car and how to keep it clean and organized. When traveling full time, staying organized is a constant battle. When we started traveling I wasn’t very concerned about making sure I had all the necessities in the truck.  I figured we would have everything in the trailer right behind us. Problem is, when driving down the road, pulling an 18,000 pound, 43 foot trailer, stopping every time someone needs wipes, a snack or Advil is not an easy task. Neither is climbing into a closed up RV when all the slides are in. While the boys are on a “boys only” camping trip and Trina is at dance camp, I am working on organizational projects I have found on Pinterest.

Project #1- Front Seat Organizer

When we are traveling I usually carry a backpack instead of my purse. Before travel days I am always trying to remember everything I may need on the road, and with out fail I miss something important. Then I found this idea on Pinterest. I can not find the link to the original post but here is my version.

tote 9

Loved the idea so first thing was a trip to Walmart.

tote org 1

I bought a bead organizing tote from Walmart for $17.00. Also on the shopping list:

Office Supplies:

snap closure envelopes

file folders



permanent marker

Health and Beauty:

travel soap holders

travel toothbrush pack

wet wipes

face wipes

hair ties



hand sanitizer

sunscreen lotion




flash light

bug spray

drink mix

Tide pen

garbage bags


Then I pulled out my labeler and went to work. The file folders are for key information I need printed during travel and the envelopes will allow me to keep our receipts organized.

tote 10

I then added all the other travel day necessities.  I used the soap cases to to store first aid items, random meds we often need when traveling, and one for hair ties and barrettes.

tote 4   tote 11

Once it was all organized I put it in the car.

tote 6

I am really excited for the our next travel day and even more excited that I can use my purse and save the backpack for hiking days.

How do you organize on for travel days?