We spent 5 days at Turtle Beach Thousand Trails RV Park on Manteca, CA. Heres a few pictures of our first 5 days.

On Friday morning before we left this is what the garage looked like, I had A LOT of work ahead of me to get ready to go. 20140122-104412.jpg

The T-shirt our friend Dawn made us.20140122-104432.jpg

Headed out Saturday morning January 18, 2013.20140122-104454.jpg

Stopping for Gas with the BIG RIGS.20140122-104510.jpg


Learning about life in the RV… lots of fun20140122-104540.jpg


Setting up camp… take 1.20140122-104613.jpg

The boys bathroom20140122-104629.jpg

Steaks while watching the 49ers.20140122-104640.jpg


Trinas “room”20140122-104716.jpg

Frodo does not like being on a leash ALL the time20140122-104729.jpg

Beautiful weather20140122-104739.jpg

Working from home20140122-104804.jpg

Cleaned and organized the whole RV, turned around and saw this. Apparently if we don’t know where something goes it ends up in Mom and Dads room.20140122-104815.jpg

NOTICE: doesn’t make you feel too safe while doing the family laundry20140122-104825.jpg

Bradys new favorite shirt20140122-104836.jpg

LOVE having a daughter. She came in to find me working and asked if she could give me a pedicure. 20140122-104909.jpg

Sleeping Beauty… she loves her nap time.20140122-104922.jpg

Space number 220140122-104933.jpg

The boys all bought dirt bikes. They can’t wait to get out to where they can ride them. 20140122-104943.jpg

Headed to the bath house for nightly showers. 20140122-104952.jpg