Today is Day 4.

We were supposed to be working today but I managed to leave my work computer in Sacramento. Our dear friends, the Tylers will be meeting up with us tomorrow and bring it with them, so work will have to wait. I am sure you can just image the disappointment we heard from our children when we told them we would not be working today. Little do they know that means 2x as much work when we get to our next location.

Today we cleaned the house. We scrubbed the kitchen, swept and mopped the floors, straightened the family and dining rooms, cleaned everyones bedrooms and both bathrooms. It took exactly 15 minute. I think I can get used to this.

Today was also laundry day. We went to a laundromat. Those places are EXPENSIVE!! I told Brady we need to invest in the laundromat industry. In the mean time I am thinking an investment in an all in one washer and dryer unit may be in our future.

What do you think of Bradys new shirt? Our friend Dawn and her son Gideon made it for him. They also made us shirts with our logos. I have those set aside ’til I have a chance to take a picture of us all together in them but they are VERY cute. Thanks Dawn and Gideon!!!