We searched for our RV for months. We had a “must have” list,  (you can read about the search for our RV here.) Now 7 months into full-time traveling in our toy hauler, there are a few things I would do differently, if I could do it all over again.
  1. Choose an RV with separate living and kitchen areas rather than the floor plan with the kitchen island right in the middle.
  2. Get the RV with recliners.
  3. Double check the placement of the washer and dryer hookups, making sure I can actually use them where they are, preferably in their own closet.
  4. Be sure a third ac unit can be installed in the garage and get it in writing, not just take the salesman’s word for it.
  5. Customize all the cabinets you want before you hit the road. Don’t take your husbands word that the cabinets are fine the way they are. 😉
  6. REAL storage space under the bed.
  7. Windows that open in the master and loft areas… Fresh air (and emergency escape) is a good thing.
  8. Storage, storage and more storage.
  9. Master bed with nightstands in the front with closets in the in slide.
  10. Buy and register in a sales-tax free state.