During my recent failed attempts at convincing my little-uns to record their thoughts, actions and adventures…I realized that I may be a little like the proverbial POT and they, the kettle. So, I guess now is as good as time as any to change that. (BTW, 2 points if you can guess the literal reference to little-uns?)

Writing anything publicly has always been a challenge for me. Come to think of it, writing in general is not on my Letterman top ten list. I think I can speak for most middle age men when I say…”Does anyone really ever read this stuff?” Isn’t it highly unlikely for us Neanderthals to devote any attention to subjects outside of our limited scope of personal interests?

Recently, my interests have turned to life on the road and, with that, comes my family on the road. I figure I can write about these topics on the off chance that the one guy who hasn’t already lost interest in this post…may learn something from my experience.  And if that doesn’t happen, oh well, at least it’s recorded for posterity.

Speaking of Letterman, I’ve always enjoyed the late night top ten. What better way to kick off my first blog post:

TOP 10 Roadie Moments

Pleasant Disorientation

Always a new scene!

#10 – Pleasant Disorientation ( no, this doesn’t involve any type of substance abuse) – When you walk outside in the morning and forget where you are, but you really enjoy the few seconds it takes you to figure it out.

#9 – Pools and Hot Tubs – You didn’t pay for it, you don’t have to maintain it, so using it is that much nicer.

#8 – Utilities– You didn’t pay for it, you don’t have to maintain it, so using it is also that much nicer. Run your ACs to your heart’s content. Take long showers. Watch TV. Surf the net. Plus there’s always a dumpster within walking distance, so hauling garbage is never an issue.

#7 – Sauna – No, we haven’t found an RV park with a sauna. I’m referring to the showers that share the space with the toilets. Old people are pretty regular so avoid morning showers.

#6 – The Peanut Gallery – It’s a strange phenomenon, Why is it extremely entertaining to heckle someone while they back their RV into a spot? Without fail, they will gather to watch your many failed attempts to jockey your rig into position. OK, I must admit, Ive peeped out the window a few times, but only because I’m afraid Grandpa will hit my truck.

#5 – Have you seen?  – Yes, I’ve seen the RV movie, no my sewer has never done that. Yes, I’ve seen The Long Long Trailer…and National Lampoons. The Clampits and the Grizwalds are my heroes so all y’all can laugh all you want.



#4 – How do they get socialization? – I really have no clue how my kids get socialized. What does that mean anyway?

#3 – Where are you from? – It’s extra special fun to make up a new place every time we get asked. My kids have been perfecting their accents.

#2 – It’s against the rules – Some people look at you as if there is some “rule book of life” that says its illegal to sell your house and everything you own and live in a fifth wheel. Is it weird that sometimes I feel guilty?

Hiking with the Kiddies

Hiking with the Kiddies

And the #1 Roadie Moment (my apologies if you’re reading this at work): Waking up every day, whenever I feel like it, to share a different perspective of a whole new world with the people I care about the most.

No more 8 to 5 corporate yuck…priceless!