It has been too long since I have posted. I have many partial posts written in my draft folder but none that have been completely finished. I am sitting in our room,  listening to the sounds of the kids getting ready for bed, and REALLY looking forward to going to bed tonight.

You may remember, that when we started our search for the perfect RV, one of our top 5 REQUIREMENTS was a king size bed. We have been married for 17 years, and we have slept in a California King bed for all 17 years. In the years before we hit the road, both Brady and I started having back problems. We decided the problem was our mattress (it couldn’t possibly have been lack of exercise or our weight) and we made the decision to invest. We bought ourselves a California King Sleep Number. It was a splurge but was worth every penny. We had never slept better. Our back pain was gone. We woke early, refreshed. We were young again. Ok, maybe thats going too far… but we LOVED our new bed.

You can see why we NEEDED to have a king size bed. But to our dismay we could not find an RV, in our price range, that had everything on our priority list. It was time to compromise. To my surprise, the compromise came in the form of giving up the king. Big Mama (our RV) had a standard queen mattress, and it was not comfortable. The mattress was removed and we put Katrina’s newish mattress in our room. We have been sleeping on that mattress for the last 6 months and have slowly begun to regret our compromise. Then Brady hurt his back again and has not been able to fully recover. While visiting the chiropractor the other day, the doctor asked Brady if he was sleeping on a good mattress. Um… the answer to that would be a resounding “NO!”

As a gift for my birthday and fathers day, (and Brady’s birthday, Christmas and any other holiday we might buy gifts for in the next year) we bought ourselves a Sleep Number. This time we bought the Premium RV Short Queen. It is a fraction of the size of our previous Sleep Number but as I watched those air chambers inflate today, I felt a little thrill as I daydreamed about my peaceful sleep tonight, as I slumber on a carefully chosen 45.

We didn’t “need” to get a short queen. The RV originally came with a full queen but there was so little space between the foot of the bed and the dresser it was difficult to move around. The extra five inches feels like a football field when moving around our room now, I am just hoping we won’t miss those 5 inches when sleeping.

We did have to modify the base just a bit. We cut the top piece of wood down by a couple inches to make room for the hoses, removed the wood to place the motor under the bed, and while we were at it we made some adjustments inside the base to store our 72 hour kits, Bradys random work tools and the snorkel gear.

10440649_10204054337658669_6481132451258054307_n 10455833_10204054337978677_1503416825658321799_n


Now to find new bedding to go with the new mattress. Which do you like? (our walls are beige, wood is medium/dark brown and drapes and sheets are a smoky midnight blue.)


Or Coral?

target bedding