May 28, 2014

What a whirl-wind the last couple months have been. I have not posted since we were in Las Vegas, and so much has happened. Most recently we spent several weeks in Southern Utah visiting with 2 of my sisters, Amy and Elizabeth and their families. The RV park we stayed at when we got to St. George left MUCH to be desired. It was a parking lot with NO extra services… no bath house, laundry facility, pool, or clubhouse. One bonus we found when packing to leave were the cockroaches and earwigs under the RV and in the totes we store outside. (GROSS!!!)

We were in St. George for only a couple days when we found out Brady’s dad was being admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery. Brady’s mom was in Denver where his sister was in ICU recovering from complications during brain surgery. Brady quickly packed an overnight bag, jumped in the truck and headed to Payson, Utah to be with his father. The kids and I spent much of the next week hanging out with my sisters and their children. We played at parks, had BBQ’s, and spent many afternoons hanging at my sisters hotel pool. Of course we also had girls day out for lunch and shopping, and no family reunion would be complete without a trip to the ER. (My nephew cut open his chin while playing in the pool.)

20140522-115919.jpg 20140522-115903.jpg 20140522-115852.jpg 20140522-115826.jpg

When Brady came back, we packed up and headed to Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, Utah. The 5 days we spent there were some of the best of our trip so far. The park had HUGE spaces, with lots of space in between us and our neighbors, 50 amp service (meaning we could run 2 a/c’s,) sand dunes for playing with the toys, huge rocks for cliff jumping, and water toy rentals. Amy and her family came to visit and the boys all had a great time jumping off cliffs up  to 40′ high. Amy and I cringed as we took video and pictures. Boys are CRAZY!


While staying at Sand Hollow we took a day trip to Zion National Park. Despite the fact that Brady and I spent much of our lives living in Utah, this was our first trip to Zions. We had a great time.



After our week in Hurricane, we headed up to Goblin Valley.  The drive up 1-15 was very familiar, a route we have driven hundreds of time, but when we headed east on I-70 we were in uncharted territory. The drive was beautiful, and treacherous.  This stretch was by far the hardest on our truck and our gas mileage dropped from a fairly consistent 10 mpg to a meager 4 mpg. The driving time estimated by our GPS was 5 hours, actual drive time was 6 1/2 hours. But despite the rough route to get there, Goblin Valley is one of our favorite state parks. We had a blast climbing around on the rocks and had played from sun up to sun down. Sadly we could only stay for one day, and are excited to go back again.


Then we headed to Springville, Utah, and we are here for awhile. The kids are all attending summer camps at BYU, and we are enjoying the chance to catch up with family and friends.