November 26, 2013

Our house has been on the market for almost 1 month. We have had dozens of showings, and 2 offers. The first offer fell through and we are waiting to hear back on the counter offer from this weekend.

I am sick of cleaning my house. We keep a pretty clean and organized house but the clean and organized needed for showing our house is exhausting. We are really hoping this offer is accepted so we can move from cleaning to packing.

After looking at dozens of fifth wheels we finally have a deposit on a 2013 Raptor 395LEV. It’s last years model but is brand new. We are waiting for it to be delivered to a local dealer so we can see it in person and make sure it is what we want. We ended up compromising, we could not find a rig, in our price range, that had both a king bed and an extra ½ bath, so the ½ bath won.  Guess we figured snuggling close was a small price to pay for not having to share a toilet with 2 boys.