Review of our Splendid 2100XC

IMG_3982It’s been about 4 month since we bought our Splendid 2100XC combo and I am still in love. I wrote about our decision to purchase and the install here.

The coolest thing about this machine is that I don’t have to go to the laundromat EVER again! The second coolest thing is that I do not have to remember to switch a load from the washer to dryer. No more stinky clothes that were left in the washer for multiple days. (Not that that EVER happened in our house.)


The Splendide we chose has a 15 pound wash capacity and 11 pound dry capacity. What does this mean in english? Here is a picture of a load of laundry that just came out of the washer. This load took about 3 1/2 hours to wash and dry. It has 1 pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, 3 yoga pants, 6 t-shirts, and a couple pairs of socks and underwear. Its not a huge load but not nearly as small as I originally expected. Basically I can do a one day of laundry, in 1 load… unless everyone wears jeans then it would take 2 loads. 


It can wash more than it can dry and if (when) I have a way to hang clothes to dry, I will wash larger loads and then take some of the items out to hang on the line.  But for now, I just don’t over stuff the machine, and leave enough room for the clothes to “tumble dry.” 


When I was researching washer/dryers for our RV, all my friends who own them told me they do 1 load every night and keep up. That is not a very realistic goal for me. I could keep up if I did 1 load a day but for some reason with our schedule that doesn’t always work for me. Lately we have been doing a ton of travel and on travel days laundry does not get done, and after 2 long travel days by day 3 when I have time to do laundry, I have several loads piling up. On those days (laundry days) I put one load in in the morning, another in mid afternoon and I finish with a load of towels overnight. By morning every thing is clean, except the clothes we all wore yesterday. ARGH!!! Laundry is such a vicious cycle!

So yes, with my in RV w/d I am dong laundry a lot more than when I went to the laundromat BUT it’s so quick and convenient that I don’t even notice the time it takes AND I do notice that I (or the hubby and kids) no longer waste one day in seven to go wash all our clothes at once.

A light load of clothes takes about 2 1/2 hours and a heavy load (4-5 towels) on max dry, will take 4 hours. Keep in mind your s&b dryer runs on 220 volts or gas. The RV washer and dryer is running on a standard 110 outlet, wired through a 20 amp breaker and is the size of a small drink fridge. The fact it can even produce enough heat to dry clothes in any amount of time is a miracle.


When we went to laundromats we spent on average $100 a month. We were on the road for 15 months before we bought our washer and dryer…. $100×15=$1500

We paid $1200 for the w/d, $200 for the warranty and $100 to have it installed…. $1200+$200+$100=$1500

Hmmmm…. think we should have done this math a year ago.

“Doing Laundry”

The the 3 minute spin cycle of w/d combo shakes the RV like a California earthquake and has been known to knock a few water bottles off the kitchen island. A very common discussion when talking about life in an RV with kids is, “What about marital relations?” These threads are always funny to follow and give some insightful ideas, but one comment that you see often repeated is “We do laundry every night!”

Sum it up: 

Having an in unit W/D has many more advantages than disadvantages. Yes, I find myself doing laundry all the time (not unlike life in a s&b.) But it will pay for itself in about 15 months, we have more time together as a family, and we have a great excuse to rock the trailer a little more often. 😉