In 2010 we decide to make a major life change. After spending our entire married life (of 14 years) in Utah County, Brady accepted a job in Sacramento, California and we moved our family out of our comfort zone. We have never regretted that decision. Coming to California has been fabulous in so many ways. We started homeschooling our 3 wonderful children. My business ( grew from a hobby to a part-time business.  Brady’s new job allowed us to spend a lot of time together and gave us the chance to travel a bit as a family. In 2013 we went to Hawaii for 2 weeks, as well as several small trips around Nor California. In Spring of 2012 we bought our dream house. We spent months looking for the perfect home. It was a challenge with our budget, needs and wish list, but we finally found it. It is a 4,080 sq foot home on ¼ acre in Mather, Ca. It’s a small neighborhood, built where the military housing was when Mather was an active Airbase. We love it here. We have made lifetime friends and great memories. Thanks to friendships through church we have become part of a community.  I wouldn’t change a minute of it.

In early 2011 Brady got a promotion. His fairly laid back job as Technical Trainer was a thing of the past and he became the North American Field Service Manager.  He loved it. It was challenging, he learned a ton and worked with great people. Over the past 2 years, the job has become more intense, the industry has changed and the responsibilities have increased. In addition to his standard 40+ hours a week, he spends weekends and evenings, and all hours fielding problem calls from all over North and South America. He is always “on call” whether it is 3 am, Sunday during church, he is sick in bed, or we are on a family vacation on the other side of the country. In the eyes of most of the world we are lucky. We have 2 great incomes; we own a beautiful house, 2 new cars and a few toys.  We are part of a fabulous community; we have the finances to do most of the things we want. The problem…. We don’t have time.

Family vacations revolve around work trips. Family conversations and dinners are often interrupted by “emergency” calls and every evening ends with a very stressed, exhausted Dad collapsing into his recliner, leaving no time or energy for catch in the backyard, or working on dirt bikes in the garage.

We have spent the last several months talking about “what if” and “someday.” Let’s buy a cabin, move to the middle of nowhere, run my business and fish, how about we live on the beach, the east coast, Canada? So many great options, but we have too many responsibilities here.  Then 1 month ago while the children where gone at activities for the evening, and everything was quiet, Brady says, “How about we sell everything, buy an RV and hit the road?” I was completely shocked. This has been a dream of mine for since 2008 when I started BushCreative, but every time I brought it up my traditional, security minded husband always thought I was nuts and would laugh at me.  This time I laughed at him. I was sure he was kidding. He assured me he was serious and our new plan began to form.