October 27, 2013

After Brady dropped the bombshell of his new plan during our quiet evening alone, we have been working out the details. Currently this is the where we are at…

We will sell our house, (as of this morning it is officially on the market.) We will sell all our furnishings, our truck and my BRAND NEW minivan. (Anyone want a 3 month old Honda Odyssey?) Put our family heirlooms, pictures and art in storage and buy a 5th wheel toy hauler and Ram 3500.

Where are we going? We aren’t exactly sure. Guess that will depend on when we hit the road, and what the weather is like. We (or maybe I) don’t like the snow so we will follow the sun. The 3 places we are sure we will visit right away are Yuma, Az to see my Grandfather; Bradys parents in Springville, UT and then next summer to spend time with my family in Palmer, AK.

How long will we travel and where will we end up? Not really sure about that either. We know we want to see the country, and avoid the snow. My guess is it will take at least a year, maybe 2. Along the way we will be looking for our new home. Somewhere quiet, with great fishing and mountains, with a post office, and land. I’m thinking no snow, Brady’s thinking Montana. Guess we will wait and see. Who knows, maybe we will just keep traveling.