November 13,  2013

We have started to tell people about our plans and one of the questions I get most is, “What do your kids think?” The kids are excited, well, at least 2 of them are.  When we started talking about doing this, I was sure Tyler would be against it. He is our social butterfly and always has been. Every time we have moved in the last 13 years, and there have been many, Tyler has been upset. He complains about leaving his friends and recites to us a list of the numerous houses we have lived in, just in case we forgot that we move  A LOT.

But this time when we told the kids, I was pleasantly surprised by Tyler’s reaction. He is excited and was the first to come up with a “route” on Mappad. Carter, on the other hand, is nervous and not too sure about any of this. He was 7 years old when we moved to Sacramento and this is “home” to him. His best friends and swim team are here. His memories of rock climbing, swim meets, 9-1-1 calls (that’s a future post) and all those unique memories that little boys make, happened here in Sacramento. He doesn’t want to miss his 11th birthday with his friends, and he doesn’t want to sell Milo (his bearded dragon.) He says he’s excited for our adventure, but when dates are discussed, and planning starts to move beyond “dreaming” his eyes fill with tears, his voice trembles as he tries to be strong, and my heart breaks.