We have been on the road for almost 2 weeks and we are settling in nicely. I gotta say I love this life. The simplicity. The routine. The down time.  Brady feels like we are cheating. He says life isn’t supposed to be this good. Every morning we wake up without the aid of an alarm clock, much earlier then we ever did at home, refreshed and ready for our next adventure.

This week we started establishing a regular routine. After eating breakfast as a family,  we head off to the showers and then do morning chores. Cleaning the RV is a fairly simple and quick process but a continual one. The RV becomes cluttered and messy at an alarming rate. My kids are not very good at putting things away. We are working on that.

After chores is “school.” I use the term loosely as we don’t do traditional school. School is 2-3 hours of learning time. The kids get to choose for themselves what this means. Currently Trina is doing research on volunteering in local parks, and how to become a park ranger. Tyler is reading everything he can get his hands on and writing his business plan and marketing strategy for the business he is starting and Carter reads and is learning Illustrator and animation.

The kids are loving their time with Brady and I love having him around to help with the kids education. He has incredible patience and they work well together.

Two afternoons a week we work on our family business.

On afternoons that we aren’t working the possibilities are endless. Sunday afternoon we hiked in Pinnacles National Monument.

The boys have been dirt biking several times, and today we just stayed home. It was a nice change of pace. Brady and I finished up our to-do list of bills and arrangements we needed to make since we hit the road.  Carter and Brady replaced the screen on Carters iPad, and the kids played at the park and read books.

I love our new life.

Friday we will leave here and next week will be an adventure. We will spend 2 days in Pismo Beach, then 6 days visiting Disneyland and Universal Studios. It will be a great week and fun vacation, but I am looking forward to the month we will spend in San Diego and the down time that will come with it.








Waiting for the Shuttle at Pinnacles National Monument after hiking to the caves. 20140208-132450.jpg

Picnic Lunch at Pinnacles20140208-132515.jpg


Bathtime for Frodo20140208-132544.jpg

Added chalkboard vinyl to cabinet faces to track meal plans, grocery lists and todo’s20140208-132557.jpg