November 21, 2013

Last weekend the kids and I spent a few days with my sister and her family in the Big Blue Bus near Santa Cruz. Amy is currently touring the Pacific Coast with her husband, 3 teenage boys and darling, little princess in a converted Blue Bird Bus.  We had a wonderful time and the boys loved running wild with their cousins through the campground and sleeping in a tent. Trina and I slept in the bus in bunks built by my brother-in-law for his boys.

I planned this trip with multiple goals in mind. First and foremost was to spend time with my sister, second was to experience life at a Thousand Trails and my third goal was to learn a bit about our new life.

Here are the lessons I learned about life in an RV:

  • A toilet in an RV is VERY important and 2 even better.
  • Wearing shower shoes and showering in a public shower is even worse than it sounds.
  • A master bedroom door and separate “kids area” is a must for a happy marriage.
  • We will need storage, storage and more storage
  • I am VERY excited to start making similar memories with my own family.