Many years ago my SIL introduced me to as a way to get organized. It was a free web page for organizing a family. I used it for a while, but it didn’t quite have everything I needed so I went back to a paper planner.

I should explain something…

I have an obsession with organization. I make lists… lots of lists. These lists can be found in a variety of places around the RV, the truck, online and on multiple electronic devices.  I have notebooks… lots of notebooks. I have calendars… paper calendars, iCal, and Google Calendars. I also collect recipes. Most of my recipes are on Pinterest, many are in my head and a few have been moved to my iPad via the app, Mealboard.

And for some reason feeling organized still eludes me.

A few days ago I was once again online, trying to find a solution. A one stop answer to my desire to be organized.

I want somewhere I can write lists and check things off….

… and calendar our activities and travel plans.

…. oh and I need a way to add our meals to the calendar, so EVERYONE knows what’s for dinner and have a link to the recipe. OHHHH, and if this planner could take that recipe and create a shopping list that would be fabulous.

…and I want my family to contribute to the calendar and to do lists and shopping lists.

…and I want to be able to access all this info from my iPhone, iPad and laptop.

After looking at many different apps, I once again found myself looking at Cozi. I haven’t been on Cozi in at least a year and thought I’d look around and see what has changed….

A lot has changed.

I think I have found my solution.


As always they have a great calendar that assigns activities to family members or to everyone, and it send reminders via notifications, txt or email.  It can import from any online calendar eliminating the need to re-enter everything that is on Google and iCal.

It also has a location feature so when entering our travel plans I can include the locations of the RV parks and any reservation information we made need.  Then I can access this information from any of my devices and saves me the hassle of digging through pages of miscellaneous notes, or accessing my laptop to see where we are headed next.

(Calendar View)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 10.30.18 PM

They have added a couple new things as well, one of which is Meal Planning. Not only can I plan our meals for the day and have them show up in the calendar, with a single mouse click I can import a recipe from any webpage. When planning meals for the week I can drag recipes from the recipe box to my meal plan and then click a button to add the ingredients to my shopping list.

(Recipe Box)

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 8.06.50 PM

Another great feature is that everyone can have the app on their individual devices, logged into the “Family Account” and contributing as themselves. My kids can add their activities to the calendar from their phones, or even more important…add garbage bags to the “Shopping List” when they use the last one. Hubby can add meetings and travel plans or double check to see what we have planned before he schedules meetings and travel plans.

There is also a new contacts list, multiple To Do lists, Birthday lists, and a journaling function.  I’m trying to convince the kids to journal here from their phones. I would love to read their thoughts as we are travel the country and see the pictures they have been taking. What a priceless record this would be of our time together on this journey.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.24.23 PM

Cozi Family Planner is a free app/webpage, but some of the features are only available when upgraded to “Gold” for $30(ish) a year. BUT considering how much I spend on calendars, notebooks and planners in a given year this is money well spent.