The first major modification we took on was making better use of the space in the garage. This 12×8 foot room needed to function as the boys bedroom and my office. My office involves ALOT of supplies and equipment. In our s&b my office was a 17×26 foot bonus room over our 3 car garage and I used almost every inch of it. Making it fit into this space took some creativity.


This is what we started with…IMG_1097

The garage has its own entrance and this is the wall space above that door and the back of Trinas loft that she accesses from the living room. (Notice the switches on the wall? My very handy husband has to move those to accommodate my new design for this space.)IMG_1100


We came up with the plan to remove the existing bunk and dinette. We would modify the upper bunk to be a loft with 2 twin beds for the boys and in place of the dinette, we Brady, would build desks. When planning this modification we had to be sure that everything was still able to move out of the way so we could pull the rzr in on moving days.

What you saw above was the room before we moved in….

Below is the room after we had been living in it for a few months. I am totally embarrassed by this picture, but this is the reality of trying to share my office space with the boys.



This is where the boys would keep there stuff and the desk I was trying to work on when the bunks were raised. IMG_2334


After 6 months I knew we had to do something. So we took it all out! We took the dinette to Grandma and Grandpas house to be stored incase we ever want it back.

IMG_2375 IMG_2376


Then we started the conversion with many trips to Home Depot and Ikea.



Top bunk when removed…



Top bunk when we stripped the fabric off…IMG_2373


Everyone helped. (Tyler lucked out because he was out of town.)


Extending the existing frame to fit 2 twin beds and storage


The original top bunk frame was made of 2×4’s with upholstery webbing stretched between them. Tyler often complained about feeling the 2×4 supports across his back, so we used a thin layer of plywood rather than webbing. IMG_2386


The day we decided to do this it was 90*. IMG_2393



Once the bed frame was remade, we did a dry fit….




We reupholstered the bunk…

IMG_2392 IMG_2391



Then came the reinstallation, moving of electrical and cutting an emergency access from Trinas loft to the boys loft.






My new desk- 1 of 2 ikea desk tops


And after 3 days of hot, sweaty work it was done.






The loft is supported on the original lift system and L brackets screwed into the frame of the existing loft. 
IMG_2627 1




Standing on the ladder looking into their room…IMG_4216 IMG_4215

View from Trinas room into the boys room…

IMG_2751Its been almost a year since we made these changes and we LOVE the loft bed for the boys. It feels like it adds an additional room to our house. The boys have their room and I have my office.  On travel days the whole thing (the loft and the desks) are on the original lift system so it all goes up and we can pull the rzr right in.

Do you have a home on wheels? What modifications do you have planned?