October 30, 2013

Our 4000+ sq ft house is on the market, and will soon be someone else’s home. The current task is to find our next home. 2 years ago when we were looking for this home, it was all about space, floor plan, and budget. This time it’s not much different, though now our perception of “space” is different. One month ago when we started brainstorming, our plan was to buy a motor home and tow my minivan. We looked at lots of motor homes and floor plans. But we couldn’t find one with space for BushCreative. We knew living space would be tight but could not figure out how the logistics of daily production would work in a motor home. My plotter is 40” wide, stands 30” tall and sits about 14” from the wall. I also need to store 40 rolls of 24” vinyl, transfer tape, a computer, printer, and shipping scale as well as boxes and tape.  Plus I need room to work. Currently our “work/school room” looks like this.

It is 17’ wide and 26’ long. We have multiple work surfaces and lots of room to spread out. This room sold me on our house. Before we moved here I ran my business in the back entry of our rental. The space was a very tight 4’ x 8’. I weeded and taped on the dining room table, and shipped on the floor of the living room. It was tight but doable, though Brady says I “oozed” vinyl all over the house. The problem we are finding is most RV’s don’t have a “real” dining room table, let alone an open living room floor for me to spread out on. It didn’t take long to realize we needed to change our thinking about the “perfect” RV.

Then we saw the toy hauler motor homes. The idea of a separate garage for my office that could double as the kid’s bedroom was very appealing, but have you seen the “master bedroom” in those things? Neither Brady nor I are small people, and climbing into a “bunk” to go to bed every night for the next 1-2 years did not appeal to either of us, not to mention the lack of privacy.

So our search continued. We came across the Dutchman Voltage 5th Wheel Toy Hauler, and fell in LOVE!!!  A garage with bunks for the boys, the option for a ½ bath for the kids, a loft for Katrina, dual living space slides and a master with a king bed and private bathroom. What we didn’t love was the price. $80,000 plus, and we still have to buy a new GINORMOUS truck to pull this mammoth on wheels.

So our search continues… currently our wish is a 5th wheel toy hauler with separate garage and are in the market for used “newish” rig.  Tomorrow we go to Fresno to see an option, it’s a bit out of budget but we are hoping the dealership is open to negotiation.