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5 question’s

hey this is carter and I have a few question’s. Post the answers in the comments. 1. Whats your fav color 2. Whats your fav sport 3. If u had 1million dollars what would u do with it 4. If you could have any super power...

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Book 1

THE TRIP -by carter bush- Pre-log Hello my friends i am carter. You probably know me if your reading this. I have never blogged before sooooo ya uhhh. I don’t know what to say, THINK!!! You are probably like 0_o right now. I...

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Vehicle Organization #1

In the next 6 months we will travel 8,000 miles. In our first 6 months we drove just shy of 3,000 miles. This has me thinking about how often we will be in the car and how to keep it clean and organized. When traveling full...

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Southern Utah

May 28, 2014 What a whirl-wind the last couple months have been. I have not posted since we were in Las Vegas, and so much has happened. Most recently we spent several weeks in Southern Utah visiting with 2 of my sisters, Amy...

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