Category: Full Time RVing

Garage Reno

The first major modification we took on was making better use of the space in the garage. This 12×8 foot room needed to function as the boys bedroom and my office. My office involves ALOT of supplies and equipment. In our...

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Travel Days

Recently I was planning our trip from Florida to Vegas, a 2,600 mile, 3 week trek and was asked why it was going to take so long. If we were traveling in our minivan we could make this trip in just a few days but life on the...

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How time flies!

Earlier this month we celebrated our one year “nomadversary.” I can’t believe it has been a year. The time has gone by so quickly and we have loved every minute of it. No regrets! When we started this adventure...

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Top Ten: Oregon Coast

We absolutely LOVED the Oregon coast. We drove all the way from the bottom to top and can’t wait to go back. It is on our “DO AGAIN” list for next year. You’ll notice that Tyler is missing in all these...

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