A man approached us as we were setting up camp in Goblin Valley, Ut. Brady and the boys were in the process of pulling the Rzr4 and dirt bikes out of the back of Big Mama. The man stood back a little ways and watched in what appeared to be confusion as we scurried about getting everything setup and to make the campground home for a few days. After a few minutes he approached, saying, “Wow, thats quiet the set up!” He then proceeded to talk to Brady abit about the RV and our toys. Then the dreaded question… he asked where we are from. Brady and I found ourselves looking at each other, for just a moment, as the silent conversation between us went something like… Do we tell him? He’ll think we are nuts. Yes, but everyone does. Might as well….

Brady answered, “Actually we live full-time in our RV. We are taking our children on a several year road trip to see the US.” The mans jaw dropped and you could see his mind reeling trying to come to grips with this bizarre idea. He then said, “Oh, but your too young to be retired. Are you independently wealthy?” Brady and I both laughed, and answered, “No. We work from the road. We are both lucky enough to have location independent careers that allow us to work any where we have cell service.”

We run our vinyl business out of our RV. I design and correspond with clients several days a week while sitting on the couch or laying on our bed, and we produce vinyls 2x a week in the garage of the fiver. We are very lucky to have a family business that is completely location independent. The only necessities to our work in decent internet access and a post office.

Brady also owns his own business. He is a Digital Cinema Technician, which is the field he was in before we hit the road. The company he used to work for, as well as several cinema chains, hire him to work on digital projectors around the country. Recently he spent 5 days installing projectors in DC, and next week he is doing warranty work at a drive in theater in Utah. We rarely drive to a work site, as his jobs usually only last for a few days, and he only does 1 or 2 projects a month. Instead he flies out of the nearest airport and the kids and I spend a few quiet days hanging around the campground.

So no we aren’t retired or independently wealthy. We are a normal family living our dream of traveling the country while our children are still home.