The house it sold.

RV and truck bought.

The storage shed is overflowing.

Brady has quit his job and today is his last day.

In less than 24 hours we will leave on our adventure.

This has been a full week. Sunday night our dear friends hosted a going away party. I visited with many of our friends and said goodbye while Brady and Trina gave tours of Big Momma (our trailer.)

We spent the 10 days after the house sold staying at our friends house while they were in Germany and the last 2 nights at the Hampton Inn around the corner from Bradys office.

Last night we celebrated Carters birthday by having his friends to the hotel for swimming, pizza and red velvet cake. One of my best friends brought her son and we spent time visiting, catching up and making plans to get together in LA next month.

As everyone was leaving one of Carters best friends started to cry. It broke my heart. He is a sweet kid and Carter and him have become very close the last 2 years. We will miss Gideon and the many other friends my kids have made. I am incredibly grateful for the modern technology that will allow my children to stay in touch with the friends they are leaving behind.

Today will be busy.

Move out of the hotel

Organize and pack the RV

Meet with our attorney (and read the trust and will documents before we meet with him.)

Do laundry at the Tylers

Meet up with Dawn to pick up a couple last minute items

Make one more trip to the storage shed

Get Tys bike and the mini ridge from Bishops house

It’s gonna be a busy one so I guess I should get at it.