Month: May 2015

Why we don’t have unlimited internet

Unlimited internet is the “Holy Grail” on the road and every one is always asking how you can find it. In October of 2014 we had the chance to pick up one of these incredibly rare contracts for free, but after several days of discussion we decided against it. Many of our on the road friends have asked how we could pass up such a golden opportunity. So I thought I would share our reasoning here. We have 5 smartphones on a Verizon contract with 40 GB of data. In our daily life this means Brady and I can work as needed, the kids can each use 2 GB of data for social media, school and watching a few YouTube videos. At the end of the month we will typically have 3-10 GB left and before our data rolls over we use these extra GB to get caught up on HULU. At the time of unlimited data offer, we were at a park that had incredibly fast unlimited internet. That was the fist time in over 6 months we had access to unlimited internet, and in the 3 weeks we were there, we had used over 200 GB of data on the Park wifi. 200 GB!!! Do you know what family life looks likes when you use 200 GB of data in 21 days? There is NO family life. Our...

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Our Washer and Dryer

Review of our Splendid 2100XC It’s been about 4 month since we bought our Splendid 2100XC combo and I am still in love. I wrote about our decision to purchase and the install here. The coolest thing about this machine is that I don’t have to go to the laundromat EVER again! The second coolest thing is that I do not have to remember to switch a load from the washer to dryer. No more stinky clothes that were left in the washer for multiple days. (Not that that EVER happened in our house.) Capacity: The Splendide we chose has a 15 pound wash capacity and 11 pound dry capacity. What does this mean in english? Here is a picture of a load of laundry that just came out of the washer. This load took about 3 1/2 hours to wash and dry. It has 1 pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, 3 yoga pants, 6 t-shirts, and a couple pairs of socks and underwear. Its not a huge load but not nearly as small as I originally expected. Basically I can do a one day of laundry, in 1 load… unless everyone wears jeans then it would take 2 loads.  It can wash more than it can dry and if (when) I have a way to hang clothes to dry, I will wash larger loads and then take some...

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RV Washing Machine Installation

When we started shopping for a rig I REALLY wanted a rv with washer dryer hookups and we had every intention of starting our trip right off with a new w/d installed. But then the rig we bought had this problem…. We had hookups in the garage, but there is this weird metal plate keeping us from putting the w/d against the wall and there is no where to vent the w/d. This left us confused and not sure what we were going to do so we did nothing. Fast forward about 12 months. Brady and the kids took over the responsibility of laundry when we moved into the rig and 1x a week they packed up 6-8 baskets full of dirty clothes and headed to the laundromat for the day. On average we spent $100 a month, paying anywhere from $3.50 to $5 a load. When we were in Pennsylvania, Brady and the boys took the laundry to the RV park laundry room and found a young gentleman washing his laundry. As he loaded his dirty clothes he started pouring in tomato juice, vinegar and baking soda along with his shoes, couch cushions and every fabric item he could remove from his RV. In response to Bradys questioning looks he was told that a skunk had gotten into his rig and sprayed everything. After hearing this Brady brought the dirty laundry home and...

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