Month: September 2014

Top Ten: Oregon Coast

We absolutely LOVED the Oregon coast. We drove all the way from the bottom to top and can’t wait to go back. It is on our “DO AGAIN” list for next year. You’ll notice that Tyler is missing in all these pictures. He was at EFY and BYU Ballroom Dance Camp in Utah while we were on the coast. The Redwoods: I know… it’s not REALLY the Oregon coast, BUT we drove through here on our way to the coast so it counts as this part of the trip. Goonies Movie Locations: Goonies Rock Goonies House Goonies Jail:   Exploring Lighthouses The Beach, climbing rocks and tide pools Shady, wooded and cool campsites (South Jetty TT) South Jetty is only 2 miles from the beach dunes. Brady and Carter had a great time with the RZR at the dunes. Tillamook Factory Tours and ICE CREAM Blowing up the Black Tank: In case you needed a reason as to why you don’t talk on the phone while hooking up the RV…. Brady took a call while working on set up. He got everything hooked up and I decided we should walk to the beach. We were gone about 30 minutes and when we headed up the hill to our spot we noticed there was water EVERYWHERE!!! Someone screwed up somewhere… then we turned the corner and saw that is was our RV, spewing...

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Top Ten: Sacramento

Free parking at the the racetrack. Hanging out with friends eating, doing laundry and playing games. Pedicures and girls night out. Trek Scout Camp Church with our home ward and earning Faith in God and Young Womens Medallion. Youth Dance-   Catching up with friends.   We have the greats friends in Sacramento. We miss you all!! Thank you for taking such good care of us while we were...

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