Month: July 2014

Fulltime with Teens

Another question/topic that gets asked quiet often is about our kids. How do we do this with teens? What about friends? What about sports? Dating? How are you that close to your teens ALL THE TIME? It’s a lot easier than you may think. First I want to clarify… we have REALLY good kids. The whole “teen” thing has never been a huge issue for us. (knock on wood) We don’t have particularly moody or mouthy kids and for the most part they are respectful and easy to live with. My kids are very social. In our sticks and bricks house they ran around the neighborhood with their friends and were always doing something or going somewhere. They were involved in scouts, dance, swimming, mma, rock climbing, parkour, homeschool groups and were leaders in their church youth groups. There was a lot to think about when we hit the road and left these activities behind. Friends: With modern technology this is probably the easiest to deal with. In our sticks and bricks home, 90% of my children’s daily interaction with their friends was through social media. Facebook, Instagram, texting and phone calls was how they communicated and is how they stay in touch. They also make new friends where ever we go. We attended a RoadSchool Rally in Tucson in April and met dozens of families doing exactly what we are doing....

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5 question’s

hey this is carter and I have a few question’s. Post the answers in the comments. 1. Whats your fav color 2. Whats your fav sport 3. If u had 1million dollars what would u do with it 4. If you could have any super power what would it be 5. If you could breed any animal’s together what would you make         My answers: 1.neon green 2.swiming 3.put it in the bank 4.the more i eat the more abb’s i get 5.flying...

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Book 1

THE TRIP -by carter bush- Pre-log Hello my friends i am carter. You probably know me if your reading this. I have never blogged before sooooo ya uhhh. I don’t know what to say, THINK!!! You are probably like 0_o right now. I don’t keep track of where we go really. And this is my story…  So Tyler, Dad and I went on a light camping trip. And on this trip we brought sleeping bags, 4 matches ,the rzr , pillows, frodo =),1fishing pole, gas, water, no tent,and some other stuff including phones. When we finally got ready to go, we went to Maverick to get some food to eat before we went. Ty got a sandwich. Dad got a hot dog… And…I…Got…A…M.O.A.B (mother of all burritos) #badidea lol. Dad starts driving after we ate. Once we get to the dirt road Dad let me drive because I got my off road license. Dad and I took turns driving for about 4 hours. Ty wasn’t allowed to drive ‘cuz he doesn’t have his license. When we got to the top of the peak, we realize we were lost….DUN DUN DUNNN!!!! To Be...

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