Month: April 2014

Vegas Baby

Vegas… NOT my favorite place. We have been there many times for a variety of reasons. Usually for work or while driving through on our way somewhere else. We have vacationed there a few times…. it makes for a cheap trip out of the cold. This time it was for Brady’s work.  Tyler’s best friend from Sacramento and his family came to visit us the first week we were there. A couple days after they left, Brady’s sister and her family came to town for their spring break and then Bradys work schedule got extended. Our plan for a 10 day trip turned into 3 weeks. Here are a few highlights from our trip…. We hung out at the pool.    Celebrated a friends birthday   Took advantage of FREE HI-SPEED INTERNET!!! Whoohooo!! Gotta love the Apple Store.   Explored Caesars Palace.   Bonded with siblings.   Sightseeing with friends.   Researched career possibilities for Carter.   Played with the toys, in the desert, with our friends the Tylers.     Made a curtain for Katrinas room.   Walked to dinner in a sketchy part of town.    Parked in a VERY crowded RV Park.   Worked on our bowling skills.   Hung out with the cousins.   Went swimming and hot tubbing at night.   Moved to a MUCH nicer RV park… and swam some more.      ...

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Moving Day

Now that we have “vacation mode” out of of our system, (hopefully) our plan is to stay in most locations for 3 weeks. Moving Day is a long hard day. We are loving our life on the road, but moving takes a lot of work and preparation. Here is what a typical Moving Day looks like for us. 8:30 Get up and get going…. on moving day we usually have a pretty basic breakfast. Cereal, Eggos or protein shakes and quick showers.   9:30   Trinas and I usually work on the inside of the RV.  Secure the closet and shower doors, bring in the awnings, pack up the computers and bedrooms, bring down the antenna, pack lunch and stock the outside fridge with snacks and drinks, empty the trash cans, store bunk ladders, secure televisions, sweep living room,  and start moving all the stuff we store in the garage into the main cabin of the RV so the boys can pull in the RZR and bikes.     Brady and the boys clean up outside. Pack all the outdoor gear into the RZR for storage, sweep, fold and pack the outdoor rug,  and sweep off the slides. They empty the holding tanks, put away all hoses, load and secure the bikes and rzr in the garage and secure the outside ladder.   Once all of that is done...

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Top 10 Roadie Moments

During my recent failed attempts at convincing my little-uns to record their thoughts, actions and adventures…I realized that I may be a little like the proverbial POT and they, the kettle. So, I guess now is as good as time as any to change that. (BTW, 2 points if you can guess the literal reference to little-uns?) Writing anything publicly has always been a challenge for me. Come to think of it, writing in general is not on my Letterman top ten list. I think I can speak for most middle age men when I say…”Does anyone really ever read this stuff?” Isn’t it highly unlikely for us Neanderthals to devote any attention to subjects outside of our limited scope of personal interests? Recently, my interests have turned to life on the road and, with that, comes my family on the road. I figure I can write about these topics on the off chance that the one guy who hasn’t already lost interest in this post…may learn something from my experience.  And if that doesn’t happen, oh well, at least it’s recorded for posterity. Speaking of Letterman, I’ve always enjoyed the late night top ten. What better way to kick off my first blog post: TOP 10 Roadie Moments #10 – Pleasant Disorientation ( no, this doesn’t involve any type of substance abuse) – When you walk outside in...

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