Month: March 2014

Working on the Road

It took us a while to figure out how to work from the road. The first few weeks where tough, and production took much longer than I expected. But over the last couple months we have figured out a system and it’s working great. I am so lucky to have 3 fabulous kids and a great husband willing to work hard to keep us on track. On average we work as a family 2 morning a week on production and shipping, I (mom) spend a couple additional days working on designs, customer service and preparing orders for production.   We feel very blessed to have this incredible opportunity to work from the road and see this great country before our children grow up. Thank you to all who support us on this...

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Yuma, Arizona

Its been almost 2 months since we hit the road. After Disneyland, Universal Studios and Sea World, we spent a week in the hills above San Diego at the Thousand Trails preserve, Pio Pico. Once  we “crossed over” and got a campsite on the South side we enjoyed our stay there… for the most part. The North Side was a nightmare… think the slums of all rv parks… filthy bathrooms, vomit and feces in the showers, screaming neighbors at 2 am, and unreliable power…  The plan was to move on if we didn’t get a space in the covetted South Side on day 2.  Then after “cross over” (showing up at 9 am hoping to get a space across the street) we were able to move next door to happy valley- the South Side. The South Side… large spaces, shade trees, 2 swimming pools, a fun cafe, hiking trails, a youth center and country store. The only problem… NO CELL SERVICE and the “high speed” internet we paid $21/week for was dial up speed. We met another full time family at church. We had fun getting to know them and Carter had a blast running wild through the park with his new friends. 8 days into our planned 14 day stay, Brady got a call from a client. He was needed the next day in SLC and Idaho. The...

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