Month: February 2014

3 weeks

Tonight marks 3 weeks since our first night on the road. Last Friday we packed up and prepared to leave Hollister Hills and head to Pismo Beach. The plan was to leave early and give us plenty of time for the 4-5 hour drive plus set-up before dark, but due to a delayed delivery of a supply order, we did not pull out of Hollister Hills until the sun was dipping below the horizon.     We pulled in late to the Pismo Dunes RV Park and tried to set up without waking all the neighbors. The Park was a bit disappointing. The bathrooms and showers were dark and dirty (we showered in our RV,) the spots were small and TIGHT and the corners were even tighter. When it was time to leave Brady and I walked up and down the “road” trying to decide the best way to pull our 43′ house of of the park without damaging ours or someone else’s RV. Saturday morning Trina and I dropped the boys off at the movie theater while we drove up to San Luis Obispo to get our hair cut by the very talented Mandy B. Mandy has cut our hair for years in Sacramento but lives in SLO. We were very excited she was able to squeeze us in for one more haircut. I’m not sure what we...

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Disneyland with teens was a whole new experience. We have taken our kids on 2 other occasions. The first time Trina was 4, Ty was 2 and  I was 5 months pregnant with Carter, still fighting mild morning sickness. That trip is a blur of nap times, fruit snacks, strollers, and trying really hard not to vomit. The second time we went was in ’08 with my family, for my parents 40th wedding anniversary. The kids were 10, 8, and 5 and Disney was magical through the eyes of our kids, and made even better with the presence of their best friends, their cousins. Trina and I waited in line for hours with Becky and her 2 girls to see the Princesses, and have our faces painted.  Brady and the boys spent hours on Tom Sawyers Island, running, jumping, climbing, and getting their pictures taken with pirates. It was a wonderful trip full of memories we will treasure forever. This trip was just as memorable and wonderful but for different reasons. It was just us, no grandparents, no cousin, and it was magical. I expected the kids to want to be left to their own devises and run a-muck on their own, but both times we suggested that we go our separate ways,  they opted to stay with Brady and I. We rode rides together, watched parades, learned to...

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