Month: January 2014

Life on the Road

We have been on the road for almost 2 weeks and we are settling in nicely. I gotta say I love this life. The simplicity. The routine. The down time.  Brady feels like we are cheating. He says life isn’t supposed to be this good. Every morning we wake up without the aid of an alarm clock, much earlier then we ever did at home, refreshed and ready for our next adventure. This week we started establishing a regular routine. After eating breakfast as a family,  we head off to the showers and then do morning chores. Cleaning the RV is a fairly simple and quick process but a continual one. The RV becomes cluttered and messy at an alarming rate. My kids are not very good at putting things away. We are working on that. After chores is “school.” I use the term loosely as we don’t do traditional school. School is 2-3 hours of learning time. The kids get to choose for themselves what this means. Currently Trina is doing research on volunteering in local parks, and how to become a park ranger. Tyler is reading everything he can get his hands on and writing his business plan and marketing strategy for the business he is starting and Carter reads and is learning Illustrator and animation. The kids are loving their time with Brady and I love...

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Dirt Bikes

The boys all got dirt bikes. They have been saving their penny’s and pooling their Christmas money since we started talking about this adventure. Brady bought his the night before we left, then Carter and Tyler bought thier’s while we were in Turtle Beach. The boys bikes needed a bit if carburetor work which was a great learning experience. Then they took the bikes off to the local OHV park. Trying to clean out a plugged pilot jet. This was Ty’s first ride. That is Brady in the background yelling “brake.” Your browser does not support the video...

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5 days in pictures

We spent 5 days at Turtle Beach Thousand Trails RV Park on Manteca, CA. Heres a few pictures of our first 5 days. On Friday morning before we left this is what the garage looked like, I had A LOT of work ahead of me to get ready to go.  The T-shirt our friend Dawn made us. Headed out Saturday morning January 18, 2013. Stopping for Gas with the BIG RIGS. Learning about life in the RV… lots of fun Setting up camp… take 1. The boys bathroom Steaks while watching the 49ers. Trinas “room” Frodo does not like being on a leash ALL the time Beautiful weather Working from home Cleaned and organized the whole RV, turned around and saw this. Apparently if we don’t know where something goes it ends up in Mom and Dads room. NOTICE: doesn’t make you feel too safe while doing the family laundry Bradys new favorite shirt LOVE having a daughter. She came in to find me working and asked if she could give me a pedicure.  Sleeping Beauty… she loves her nap time. Space number 2 The boys all bought dirt bikes. They can’t wait to get out to where they can ride them.  Headed to the bath house for nightly...

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Trailer Trash

Today is Day 4. We were supposed to be working today but I managed to leave my work computer in Sacramento. Our dear friends, the Tylers will be meeting up with us tomorrow and bring it with them, so work will have to wait. I am sure you can just image the disappointment we heard from our children when we told them we would not be working today. Little do they know that means 2x as much work when we get to our next location. Today we cleaned the house. We scrubbed the kitchen, swept and mopped the floors,...

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