Month: December 2013

Our New Home

We picked the RV up 2 days ago from the dealer in Fresno. Brady and I drove down late Thursday night leaving the kids home by themselves. This was a first. We have always hired a sitter or had the kids stay with friends when we have been gone overnight. But this was a last minute trip and after a quick family meeting it was decided they are old enough to be left on their own. We have several good friends nearby so we agreed it was time to let them try this next step to independence. As far as we know all went well. Everyone went to bed on time, no one watched movies they weren’t supposed to, all chores were completed quickly and efficiently with no complaining and there was no bickering between siblings. I am sure that is exactly how it happened. 😉 We stayed at a hotel in Fresno near the truck accessory store that was installing the hitch early Friday morning while we had our trailer walk through on the other end of town. We dropped the truck off at 8 am and were assured it would be ready for pick up by noon. When we arrived at the dealer, they were ready for us and we started the walk through. Our trailer is a brand new 2013 Keystone Raptor 395LEV. Its 42.5 feet...

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Under Contract

December 1, 2013 Amy and her family left today. There were tears as the Blue Bus pulled out of our neighborhood on their way to their next adventure.  We will miss all of them. I miss living near my sisters and wish my kids could spend more time with their cousins. We had a great day at church and tonight our dear friend and real estate agent brought over a offer of the house. We are officially under contract on a 30 day close. So the next month will be hectic, and to complicate matters even more… It’s Christmas. Which brings with it the normal amount of crazy and chaos plus it’s the busiest time of year for my store,  I am worried. I am worried we won’t get it all done. I’m worried Christmas will get lost in the move. I am worried we are making a mistake. I am worried about money.  I am worried… but that is what I do. I worry.  It’s a family joke. Mom worries.  I worry and I make lists.  So it’s time to make a list, and a schedule,  and start moving forward, toward our new life. Our exciting...

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